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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 16, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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ter your e mail address and you'll be on our alert system. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again monday night. go to greta and tell us what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. walls. see you next week. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i testified in front of sitting supreme court justices and i warned them. you keep attacking the core base of american exceptionalism and you are going to find an uprising against you. >> bill: newt gingrich threatens the supreme court in the debate last night. a stunning piece of rhetoric. an coulter, sally quinn and i will analyze. >> he made an affirmative statement he would campaign for republics who are in support of the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion. >> bill: is that true? did newt gingrich really do that? janine turner and leslie marshall will comment on michele bachmann's explosive charge. also tonight, lou dobbs on yet
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another possible green scandal for the obama administration. and a new poll says younger americans are pessimistic about president obama. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. newt gingrich and power. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as the frontrunner, newt gingrich was under attack last night in the debate. especially by michele bachmann who criticized him on abortion and taking money from freddie mac. we will deal with that a bit later on mr. gingrich offered robust on the issue. one of the issues may have landed him in big trouble. how gingrich would deal with federal judges. >> you have proposed a plan to subpoena judges to testify
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before congress about controversial decisions that they make. in certain cases you advocate impeaching judges or abolishing courts all together. two conservative former attorneys general criticized your plan saying it alters the checks and balances of the federal government. they used words like dangerous, outrageous and totally irresponsible. are they wrong? >> i testified in front of sitting supreme court justices at georgetown law school and i warned them. you keep attacking the core base of american exceptionalism and you are going to find an uprising against you which will rebalance the judiciary. i would be prepared to take on the judiciary if, in fact, it did not restrict itself in what it was doing. >> now, that is a direct threat okay the supreme court of the united states. many americans do sympathize with the speaker's position. absolutely attacked the fundamental traditions of this country. no question about it as you may know the ninth circuit of appeals is often overturned by the supreme court. some americans, including in
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one, are rightly concerned that judicial activism, north the constitution is dictator how we all must live. but, and this is huge, who would decide if the federal courts overreach? the president? do you want barack obama to have that kind of power? do you want newt gingrich to have that kind of power? often get elected by securing votes through entitlement spending. you want them to be firing judges with whom they disagree. look, the system is not perfect. you can't give judicial power to a politician. that is what newt gingrich seems to want. the speaker looked to abraham lincoln. >> lincoln repaleudis united states the scott decision and his first inaugural address in 1861 and says no nine people can make law in this country. that would be the end of our freedom. >> bill: as the co-author of killing lincoln i know much about the man he did rhetorically condemn some judicial decisions such as justifying slavery in the dred scott decision. but he made no move against
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the supreme court. he did issue the most famous executive order in history the emancipation proclamation directly challenging the court. the justices did not overturn lincoln and they could have. newt gingrich is correct when he says that federal judges must be held accountable. it can't be lebleg lated the. the court of public parkway. intelligent legal challenges to rulings and expertly written laws can all blunt judicial craziness. but stuff like roe v. wade is the price we pay for checks and balances in a raucous democracy. that's the memo. reaction first up conservative pundit ann coulter who is an attorney. the perception of newt gingrich is that he is impeerist. if he ever get the power of the presidency he would run rough shot over a lot of different things. i think that reinforces that perception i think that it's he makes these wild
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overstatements for good causes you you a you say. some enraged i doesn't make the right point. bombastic, he opens conservatives to ridicule and nothing ever gets done answered hurts a good cause. this is a good example. i mean, the constitution does say what we can do about the courts. the judges can be impeached. i think subpoenas them is a crazy idea. if anyone were to subpoena them it's certainly not the president's, it's congress and it's congress who impeaches them. elect the right president to appoint the right judges and justices. there are measures that can be taken. is he undermining the whole thick. i will say one other point on this. something that i think is absolutely constitutional to do. i have kept arguing for a governor or a president to do it. but i know it's a major scandalous. you would have to have a lot of courage and the absolute right case to do it coequal branches of government. the supreme court is not over the president. if you got a ruling from the supreme court that was
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absolutely unconstitutional that the american people hated. and that the president or a governor with their own supreme court by himself could ignore, i think the president has the constitutional authority to do that. >> bill: does it how lincoln did it with an executive order challenging the supreme court to overturn his basic look in the law. there is another check and balance built into the system. >> it has to be done very carefully. i at least know that this is an outrageous thing i'm suggesting. you have to lay the ground work. you don't make bombastic statements and open up the court to ridicule. >> bill: i don't see it as broadly as you do. i don't think he is making a bombastic statement. i think that he basically, newt gingrich by the way, thinks that power should be invested in the legislature rather than the judiciary. that's a change in this country if that ever happened. it's pretty frightening because, look, barack obama's signature legislature is obama care. i think that's going to be overturned by the supreme
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court. >> it's not really vested mostly. there is a division of power. sometimes one branch has more power over another. the problem we have now is liberals figured out that just through process, not through the balance of powers in the constitution, the supreme court gets the last word only because they're the last ones to rule. not because they are owe. >> bill: they do get the last word. >> none the less in a certain case i think it would be worth it for a president or a governor to say for example with guantanamo, just one time. >> bill: they are doing that on abortion. row v. wade is the law of the land a federal law. certain states they are restricting abortions and having waiting periods and all of that this is a pretty sophisticated point that we are making tonight. all right? and my audience absolutely know what is we are talking about on the broad spectrum i'm not sure this going to hurt newt gingrich. it you isn't guns and the abortion we are going it talk about in a minute. >> let's go back to the image
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of newt gingrich. >> that's what concerns me about this. it reminds me i wrote about it this week how he makes these overstatements that are subject to ridicule on behalf of good causes and then he hurts the good cause and then by the way he doesn't follow through. after he becomes speaker in the house in 1994, he comes out for children on welfare becoming child janitors and going into orphanages. two weeks later governor's conference opposing. so we get the bombastic statement but then he withdraws when it comes time to actually do something. opposes women in combat and says because men are biologically programmed to hunt giraffes. it's a good cause and you are ruining it with a stupid statement. >> bill: he got applause on that line on the judiciary. >> sure. >> bill: in iowa. very conservative crew and they applaud it. this is what the polls say. that once it gets independent precincts. >> right. >> more moderate precincts people are going we are scared of him.
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>> right. >> we are scared of newt gingrich. >> right. >> that's what this all comes down to, ladies and gentlemen. >> after his first year of speaker 49% of americans said they found him scary. that is a problem. >> nobody is scared of mitt romney. >> no. >> they are not scared of him. >> that's right. >> >> bill: they are scared of barack obama. absolutely terrified of barack obama. >> yeah, but remember. >> they are scared of newt gingrich. >> but remember obama was no drama obama. he has attractive family. we need to run someone. >> bill: after three years. >> they hate his policy. >> bill: just picture another four years of president obama. people are scared of that. >> no. but what i'm saying is they want an excuse to vote against him because they are scared of his policies but he does not seem like a wild. >> you don't put a scarier guy. now you are going now, look, i don't prefer anybody. i think newt gingrich would be very, very formidable in a debate against barack obama. >> i do not. i do not. >> bill: you don't think he would. >> no. when he says when the courts start ruling against american
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exceptionalism, you got it right in your talking points. the courts aren't supposed to be enforcing american exceptionalism. at the this he are supposed to be enforcing the constitution. >> bill: i think he would be. >> i do not. wants somebody who speaks bombastically and small stick. someone who speaks gentlemanly and actually does stuff. bill will that sounds like me. >> it does. >> bill: ann coulter. newt gingrich from the left. lou dobbs on yet another obama administration green company causing some controversy. we are coming right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. ♪ that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru
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continuing with the republic debate did newt gingrich help or hurt himself. forum from "the washington post. you are coming at this from a more liberal point of view than ann coulter and she didn't like the whole tone of this last night. i sympathize with newt gingrich in the sense that some of the stuff coming out of the ninth circuit of appeals in california is so anti-american in my opinion for example you can't say one nation under god anymore. so anti-american and judeo-christian tradition that giching glitch is right to be upset about it i think he has
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the wrong remedy. what say you. >> one of the things fascinating about newt gingrich is he is so glib and with his words that when he says things at first you think they sound reasonable. you know, he got this big applause last night when he took on the judiciary. and then afterward you are sort of thinking wait a minute, did he actually say what he thought he said he? is talking about there is going to be an uprising and rebalance the judiciary and i thought they really want barack obama to go out and basically do away with a number of courts and have all the kind of power that gingrich is talking about? i don't think the conservative audience last night thought about that. >> no. that's what i said. i made the point there is a very sophisticated political point and for many people they were just hearing that gingrich is fed up with these crazy rulings and they applauded that. but it is, if you understand and i think our audience does here on the factor. how the government runs radical change. it really is. gingrich points to history.
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we dealt with the abraham lincoln thing in the tea points. lincoln was no doubt outraged by dred scott and the supreme court upholding sleighry and misbegotten notion that the founding fathers didn't believe black men, black women were human beings to the same extent they did whites. lincoln was absolutely furious with that he had to work within the structure. then finally after the war he issued the executive war of the emancipation proclamation the court at that point was so, i guess, awe struck of lincoln that they didn't even challenge. but, what you have here is newt gingrich saying to the country if you elect me president things are going to be really, really different. lots of people want that, ms. quinn. >> well, i don't know what he is talking about, frankly. i don't know how he thinks he is going to do. this legislatively. >> well, have you got to have a lot of conservatives in the congress and you have got to
11:16 pm
have a conservative president. >> that may well happen this time around. >> the thing is that's how our system works. a conservative president will appoint conservatives on the supreme court. if the people vote for a conservative president. often that's why they vote because they want somebody on the supreme court. >> bill: you are in washington and have you been around for a long time, the court is ideological, the supreme court scalia very conservative man. ruth bader ginsburg can't get more left wing that he than she is. kagan sotomayor look to be verilet. robertson and leith look to be conservative. it is ideological is it not. >> on both sides. the supreme court always is ideological. >> it always hasn't been republicans will appoint somebody who agrees with them and democrats will appoint somebody who agrees with them. let me go not that far back
11:17 pm
point out bush gore. would he be okay with the liberals challenging that decision and say we have had enough and we are going to have an uprising and rebalance the court system? >> look, the supreme court put george w. bush into the presidency. it was a vote i based not ideology so much but a look at state's rights. >> of course it was. florida said this is what happened pfeifer said absolutely. four liberal activists said no we don't like it because our guy didn't win. that was their argument if you read the papers. ruth bader ginsburg said i don't like bush so i'm going against it i don't care what florida says. that worries me. it worries americans. and that's why gingrich made the play in iowa last night. i will give you the last word. >> and what the conservatives say and do on the supreme court worries the liberals and
11:18 pm
what the liberals do worries the conservatives. i mean, that's the way the government is set up. people get to vote for the president so they can decide who they want to be on the supreme court. >> bill: all right. ms. quinn, thanks very much. we appreciate it michele bachmann saying newt gingrich soft on partial birth abortion. wow, what a chart. take a look at the validity of it dumbest things of the week. ron paul in the zone this evening. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other. and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it's our way of showing a little holiday spirit. but hurry -- the offer ends january 3rd. ♪
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, there no question that congresswoman michele bachmann made a statement last night with her attacks on newt gingrich. ms. bachmann knows she has to do well in iowa to continue in the presidential sweepstakes so she let newt have it. >> one of the concerns that i had when speaker gingrich was speaker of the house, he had an opportunity to defund
11:22 pm
planned parenthood and he chose not to take it. that's a big issue. more troubling, when he was in washington, d.c., he made an affirmative statement that he would not only support but he would campaign for republicans who are in support of the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion. i could never do that. >> bill: now according to fact, fact in 1998 forces asked the national republic committee to cut off funding for g.o.p. candidates who did not support a ban on partial birth abortion. but mr. gingrich opposed that cut off. joining us now from los angeles fox news contributor leslie marshall and fort worth texas janine turner talk show host. does michele bachmann have a point? i think michelle balk map is doing herself and the republic
11:23 pm
party by addition service by representing his belief system and accomplishments. the fact is he is a 98.6% pro-life rating with the national right to life committee under his leadership congress passed not once but twice the partial birth abortion ban that's president clinton vetoed twice. regarding planned parenthood she is insinuating that the house and the president and the senate were just sitting around waiting to defund planned parenthood when that really wasn't the case at all. this is only creating this vibe in the party in helping obama. >> bill: didn't take the lead in going after planned parenthood. also didn't take the lead in backing up the republic national committee chastising those who didn't want to outlaw partial birth abortion. did he so, so everybody understands, leslie. he did that because he said if i -- if i or we as a party banish candidates who won't ban partial birth abortion, we hurt ourselves all over the place. he did it for political
11:24 pm
reasons but mrs. bachmann is saying, hey, this is a bigger issue than politics you say? >> it was political but i think, janine i'm going to agree with you almost all the way there i can't believe i'm sitting here defending newt gingrich. the bottom line is he did it because he didn't want the g.o.p. to lose control of congress. he knew with president clinton vetoing twice that ban the only way he could do it was to bring more republicans into congress. he then in 1998 and now has said that he personally opposes partial birth abortion he does as is his right. >> bill: this was a smart play by bachmann janine because bachmann's only chance is to get into the fabric of the very conservative iowa caucus voters. i wouldn't have played politics with this issue. it's too explosive and human life. that celebrates me from the career politician gingrich who does what's best politically.
11:25 pm
i thought it was a smart play for bachmann to do it. >> i think it's creating a lot of divisiveness. >> she is fighting for her life. if she doesn't finish in the top three she is done. >> it -- she is misrepresenting the issue. >> not really, what she said isn't false. >> newt is pro-life. >> bill: not the totality as you did earlier. what she said isn't false. >> it's misleading very misleading. >> i don't know if it's misleading. you can be a culture warrior and lead on the issue on the sense of what is right and wrong rather than what's good -- look what happened in the democrats got in office. suddenly religious beliefs aren't respected and catholic hospitals are being made to be a part of abortions. abortions made it to the health care. there is embryonic stem cell research, so when you have the democrats in office, look what
11:26 pm
happens, they are taking 10 step backwards instead of one step forward. >> bill: absolutely that's the counter argument if you take a tough stand and don't win then the other side goes wild. leslie, the conservatives like michele bachmann and to some extent rick santorum and ron paul and mitt romney is doing this too. trying to it portray romney as a close liberal. saying gingrich is a progressive. you as a liberal, leslie, i know you just hang around with liberals. that's all you do. one liberal to another wherever they are, dining, that's where you dine. are liberals buying this? >> no, no. not at all. >> you think he is the conservative devil. you think is he still a right wing kook? some think he is a devil for what he has done to his former wives. i don't think is he a devil as a politician. quite frankly michele bachmann had to do this.
11:27 pm
i said last week on this show she had to reach out to the evangelical community. they still don't really have or know who their candidate is the problem is some points for her. i don't think they will translate into votes. >> are any liberal americans buying glenn beck's theory that gingrich is a progressive? nibbing that? >> oh bill you know a lot of my liberal friends don't listen to gleng. no, they are not buying that theory at all. >> they still think that gingrich is a fascist devil. new poll out of harvard says many younger americans believe president obama will not win re-election. and then, lou dobbs investigating why the obama administration wants to pay a higher price for fuel when they could save millions. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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knack tore follow insegment tonight. harvard university kennedy school says that 36% of americans ages 18 to 29 believe that president obama will not be reelected. 30% say he will win next year. 32% are not sure. among survey responders who voted for barack obama in 2008, less than half believe he will win re-election. joining us now from cambridge, massachusetts. john, director of polling at the kennedy school of government. okay. so this is pretty surprising. why have the younger people bailed on the president? >> i'm not saying they have bailed at this moment, bill. what they are doing is at least taking a timeout. they are very, very concerned about the state of the economy as we know. 75% of young people under 30 believe the economy and jobs is the number one issue. only 12% saying things are headed in the right direction. they are just taking a timeout now. >> they are scared?
11:32 pm
hope and change has gone away and now we are scared and frightened and this guy is in charge. >> yeah. >> bill: let's put up other poll numbers in a romney obama matchup 37% for obama. 26% don't know 34%. big don't know. when you factor in four years of college. 39% obama. 33% romney. that is pretty close. very close especially considering the fact that the president won among 18 to 2-year-olds by two to one margin against john mccain three years ago. >> bill: you didn't do a gingrich one? just did a romney matchup? >> we did. it's about a 16 point margin against gingrich. better against romney than gingrich. >> bill: occupy wall street you think young people would respond to that 21% support.
11:33 pm
33% not supporting. 44% not sure. four year colleges support, 44% not sure. they have turned against the occupy wall street. >> only a third are paying attention. i think they believe in some of the issues. they are not necessarily on track with where the movement is at this point. >> 33 to 21 approval. that's turning against. that's a big number for i'm really most concerned about the fact that only a third are paying attention. not a lot of approval. i don't think it's an issue that is spending a lot of time being talked about on college campuses. >> maybe you are right. i think it says that young people in america right now, 18 to 29s, they are not crazy left as people maybe think they are. they are not.
11:34 pm
these numbers look to me like most young americans are moderates. that's the way it looks to me. >> fiercely independent. after -- the earliest days when we started conducting this survey in 2000. after september 11th, young people were more supportive of president obama than any other group. you know, it was the obama campaign and it was the thing that led to the obama campaign that turned this generation democratic and progressive back in 2006, 2007, 2008 they are up for grabs. >> no doubt about it fundraising and get out the vote. because this is the final one. obama job approval, the president's job approval. 18 in 29 americans approve. 46 disapprove. 51-46. i mean, that's big. that is big. >> they are turned off. they are turned off by
11:35 pm
washington. they are turned off by the folks who are running washington right now. but the message i want to communicate is they are turned off by politics but taking issues in their own hands. involved in the communities and involved deeply in the country and making it better on a day-to-day basis. >> i hope you are right that they are. but in president president obam, is he counting on younger americans voting for him and coming out the way they came out in 2008. i don't think it's going to happen. >> young people responsible for nominating him in iowa. he won that vote a 5% to 14% for john edwards to 11% for hillary clinton. young people turned three states from red to blue. north carolina, indiana, and virginia. incredibly important part of the democratic base we're a year away. we will see what happens. this is a warning sign for sure. we will see what happens, whether the obama campaign redoubles their efforts and whether there is opportunities for gingrich or romney whoever the nominee is to make
11:36 pm
inroads. we are a year away. we will find out. >> bill: lou dobbs investigating why the obama administration may have spent four times as much money as necessary to buy fuel for the navy. dobbs is next. 20 pages. boom! the other office devices? they don't get me. they're all like, "hey, brother, doesn't it bother you that no one notices you?" and i'm like, "doesn't it bother you you're not reliable?" and they say, "shut up!" and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the lowe's the boss. buy 450,000 gallons of biofuel from the u.s. navy from a company called solazyme. fuel being purchased $15 a gallon. four times the market price of conventional jet fuel. there is a friend of the president's advising the company. we asked lou dobbs to look into it. here he is is this another
11:40 pm
crony capitalism boondoggle. >> this is better. this takes it up to something have great affection in washington. comprehensive crony capitalism. the government funded the creation of the refinery to produce the biofuel, over $20 million. then they provide the customer, in this case the u.s. navy. >> did it start before the obama administration. >> no. this is all green obama stuff. let's walk through it the guy who is advising the company is tj., former clinton guy. >> clinton administration for full two terms. >> friend of barack. >> absolutely he is advising. they build the refinery to get this biofuel. the federal government builds it not a private company. >> right. >> but, interject then their partner in this. another company dynamic fuels which already has a refinery so they didn't really need the
11:41 pm
other part of the refinery. >> why did they build it if they didn't need it? >> it's green. you don't have to be reasonable or rationale. this is about pursuing the holy grail. >> bill: if you are wasting. i like green energy. i think you too do. if it would be reasonably priced they buy it why are they wasting money if they have the refinery biofuel why build another one. >> it can bring with it an algae process. >> an algae process? i can do that. >> probably less than 20 million. >> right. so now they build their little refinery and they have to sell the biofuel to somebody so the navy buys it four times the price that they could buy something else. but, but, is it worth it because it's cleaner burning and navy guys will be able to breathe easier? is it worth it, lowe? >> no. and the navy guys are
11:42 pm
breathing easier because they have got 670 million gallons of fuel at their own disposal. it's fossil fuel. >> they don't need the extra 450,000. >> they don't need that. >> store the 450. this is a different fuel than what they have now? >> right. >> cleaner burning? >> it's cleaner burning and 15 bucks a gallon. it's a gallon it's a demonstration project it's all government. >> this is why we owe $15 trillion because we are doing all of this environmental experimentation on the taxpayer dime. >> it's certainly part of it but the great thing is you start digging into this a little and then you find out dynamic fuel, which is the first part of the contract they are part owned by tyson foods. you start adding up who is putting whose money where and it's just one giant circle. >> tyson food a contributor to obama. >> in fairness they contribute
11:43 pm
to everybody but they contribute which ever way the wind is blowing. >> all right. you see the debate last night. >> absolutely. i thought it was terrific. >> why did you think it was good? >> because i got to watch newt gingrich give one of the best expositions i have ever seen on the rescissions of 1802. >> we roasted him in the top of the show for maybe overreaching here being empiricist and frightening people that if he did obtain the presidency that he would be just taken by the power and run rough shot. i think that's his political liability. for me watching, i love to see his demonstration of understanding of history. you are a historian yourself. it was impressive to me to watch newt gingrich in that moment to watch mitt romney who i thought had his best debate. >> bill: what did he do that was so good. >> he got to say that our foreign policy when it come to iran is pretty pleased. that's as real as i have seen mitt romney get. >> bill: talking about the drone.
11:44 pm
i'm going to have mitt romney on the factor on monday. we have lots of questions for him. you thought this was the best job that he did? >> i think it was the very best job that he had done. >> bill: did you think that gingrich got hammered by -- ron paul and michele bachmann on abortion. >> they tried to. i think he came out of it standing tall. i think he stood tall against the is assay lengths. >> why do you think he has slid in the polls. >> he hasn't got a humble bone in his body. >> he has got to be more humble? that means he has to watch me more. >> he has to watch bill o'reilly and emulate that modesty. >> which i do you think it's about personality and not policy. >> finding in his character some place for self-deposit prix occasion and deposit deposit prix occasion. >> lou dobbs, everybody. merry christmas. >> dumbest things of the week.
11:45 pm
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>> back of the book segment tonight. dumbest things of the week. fox news correspondent arthel neville fox five guy greg gutfeld. also seen red eye in the middle of night nobody is quite sure when. arthel has chosen an "on the record" objection to rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. >> there is nothing i can do this weather.
11:49 pm
rudolph, would you tone it down a bit? i mean, that nose of your. that nose -- that beautiful, wonderful nose. >> huh? >> rudolph, christmas is not off. and you're going to lead my team. >> bill: i wish we could see more of that. [ laughter ] now why is rudolph controversial? >> oh my goodness, you won't believe it but a long island professor is trying to make rudolph about bullying. >> long island university. >> professor saying that rudolph special ed. >> so redorsal is being bullied or is the bullier? >> rudolph wouldn't bully anybody. is he being bullied because comet the coach. that shiny nose rudolph no reindeer for you. have you spawned a red nose reindeer you are bad to do. santa runs an island of miss fits. >> bill: this professor does he write a paper here or going
11:50 pm
door to door what is he doing? >> do you want me to promote the fact that he has a book. >> bill: he has a book about this. >> no more bullies at the north poll is a book he prefer children and their parents read together we all believe it's dumb. >> political correctness run amuck. >> good guy. awarded ford being a good guy. gutfeld, i guess i have to call on you now. >> don't be so excited. >> bill: no, no. the dumbest thing that you have chosen is? >> it's actually -- this guy is brilliant. north dumb. scott bennett. bookville, pennsylvania, he wanted to get off work but still get paid. >> bill: what does he do? >> he created a fake obituary. >> bill: what does do for a living. >> works in a factory. you know what that's like. >> created a fake obituary for his mother who is still alive and sent it to the local paper the jeffersonian democrat. they printed it. of course called in and said mom is still alive. he lost his job and he got
11:51 pm
charged with disorderly conduct but i have got to say he gets points just incredit bled injune newt. incredible ingenuity. >> his mother is still alive and in town and can read it. >> the man has gumption. >> he is fired but we will pay for his unemployment for 18 years. >> he deserves it. >> bill: of course he does. my dumbest thing of the week is my pal ron paul. roll the tape. >> there is no u.n. evidence of that happening. cleper at the -- in our national security department, he says there is no evidence. it's no different than it was in 203. do you know what i really fear about what's happening here? it's another iraq coming. war propaganda going on. >> bill: all right. so, he doesn't believe that the iranians have a nuclear weapon or close to it. now, here is the fact check on this. clapper, the guy he is talking about is -- is the director of
11:52 pm
national intelligence all right? i says there is no evidence of iran actually building a nuclear weapon, all right? but, in senate testimony, clapper says we continue to assess iran, keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons. all right? we do not know if iran will eventually build -- okay, there he is. so, it's not what paul says. it's clapper says he doesn't know. however, many, many other people, including masad, ohio would trust more, the israeli secret service says this close. so does the u.n. paul will never see that point he wins the dumbest things of the week. if iranians do get a nuke? guess what? it's going to be used. absolutely. arthel gutfeld thank you. pinheads and patriots on the way. theview ladies will be discussed. p and p coming next.
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>> pinheads & patriots, starring elizabeth hasslebeck. but eight shopping days until christmas and we are trying to save you a lot of time and money. we are recommending the restore the usa gear, which is moderately priced, sends a great message, very high quality. check it out. i love the mug, the blue mug? love that. if you become a premium member, we will send you a free copy of
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"killing lincoln," the book or the audio, your choice. i will be signing books at barnes & noble on monday night at 7:00. check it out. call the store. now, the mail. jason foreman, tallahassee, florida... >> well, the speaker has accomplished a lot in his life, so maybe that's accurate, instead of derisive, meaning a man who knows he has a high opinion of himself. cockalorum.
11:57 pm
>> i say, legal immigration helps the nation, chet. getting motivated, highly skilled folks into the american program can only be a good thing. competition has made this country great. >> my co-author deserves a lot
11:58 pm
of credit for that. thank you. >> we'll see you in santa barbara, january 25. and tampa, florida, march 11, napeles, florida, march 12. tickets make great christmas or chanukah gifts. and if i'my, pinheads & patriots, with u.s. troops leaving iraq, two "view" ladies got into it. >> many experts feel that this was an il'll-advised war, that it was incorrect to go into the wrong country. they had nothing to do with 9/11. people still believe that to this day. my heart breaks for those kid who is went there -- >> within the mission, right? >> listen -- >> how would you like to come back and someone tell you, well, that was a waste, you know? it's really hard to hear that after serving tour after tour.
11:59 pm
>> she is correct when she says american troops did noble things in iraq. remember, the troops don't make policy. so elizabeth is a patriot. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site, different from bill o'reilly dot-com. and we would like to you spout off about the factor. if you wish to opine, do not be insipid when writing to the factor. since christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, put up the prompts for me -- look, i'm pretty dapper here, right? hickey freeman, american made, rochester, new york. put the shirt up. skip gambert, collars don't fade. way to go, skip. i pick out the ties. okay? so i want everybody, if you are hecking out for the guys, consider t


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